Different types of hockey equipments for hockey players

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If you want to play hockey, you must have right hockey equipments. Right types of equipments will help you play with confidence and will boost you play in a way that can let you win the game. There are various types of hockey such as field hockey, rink hockey, and ice hockey. The types of hockey equipments depend on the variety of hockey you play. The major difference among field hockey with other type is that it is played with a ball. Players need to wear shoes with cleats to avoid slipping. Other important equipments for playing field hockey are shin, knee padding, chamois grips, shin-pads, gloves and apparels.

Field hockey is a team sport. The team attempts to score goals. Balls are hit, push and flicked to make the goal. To hit, push and flick ball, there is need of hockey stick. Wide ranges of hockey sticks are available in market to cater the interest of different types of players. Players need sticks and hockey equipment according to their comfort and style. There are many companies in United Kingdom that make hockey equipments. However, Monarch is very famous for its range of hockey gk equipment. Goal keeping equipments are very necessary in the game of hockey. The company provides equipments made from high quality materials. The equipments are made with great comfort. Various styles of equipments are available to satiate the fashion statement of the high end hockey players.

Hockey equipments such as sticks, shin, knee padding, chamois grips, shin-pads, gloves and apparels are available for men, women, and children. The kits and accessories are available in different size for different players. Some companies are ready to manufacture custom products on the demand of the customers. Most of the companies providing accessories and clothing for team are ready to print or embroidery the name and logo of the individual player and team respectively.

However, the main equipment required to play hockey are hockey stick, hockey ball, gloves, goalkeeping equipments, etc. Hockey sticks are normally between 36-36 inches long. However, even shorter and longer sticks than the given measurements are available for long heighted people and children. The sticks are normally made from fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon fiber composites. The stick has round handle. Its left side is flat with a hook at the bottom. Hockey ball is spherical in shape. It is hard and is made of plastic. The equipments such as gloves, shin, shoes etc are made from variety of materials. Players can choose according to their comfort and budget. Goalkeeping equipments include helmet, leg guard, and kicker.


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Different types of hockey equipments for hockey players

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Different types of hockey equipments for hockey players

This article was published on 2011/12/09