Hockey Skates Buying Guide

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Buying hockey skates requires that you take the time to find skates that are well made, durable, and fit. You need skates that will help you reach a point of expanding your skills even if you are new to the game of hockey. The following tips will help you in your search for the right pair of hockey skates. Bear in mind that you’ll need better quality skates as your experience begins to grow.

Perfectly fitting hockey skate can be hard to find. A proven method for making your skates fit well is to use a process called skate baking. As you might imagine this involves placing your skates into an oven to bake and then wearing them as they cool. As the skate cools on your foot it is able to move from a softened state to a form fitting state. You can burn yourself or ruin a good pair of skates if you aren’t careful and try this at home although there are instructions for home preparation undoubtedly available. Don’t be a hero, instead try taking your skates to a pro shop who is more equipped to handle the task safely and properly. It’s like getting a custom pair of skates formed just for you.

Make sure the skates are sharpened at your earliest convenience. The skates are not delivered to stores before this is done. These skates will need to be taken in for sharpening if you buy them anywhere that doesn’t have the proper equipment on hand. You must take excellent care of your blades and keep them sharp if you want the best possible performance from your skates. Make a point of sharpening the blades on your skate when you first buy them as well as every ten hours of play time afterwards.

Find out exactly what items and/or services are included in the price of the skates.

Skates need to be sharpened immediately after purchase and regularly after the purchase has been made, for example. Some specialty shops will throw in some sharpenings when you buy a pair of skates. Other perks may include free adjustments for skates that are too small – sadly this isn’t an option for skates that are too large. There are a few specialty shops that offer a feature known as baking in which the skate is “baked” in order to mold to your foot for a closer fit. You have to ask about these services before you buy the skates, though, as otherwise the shop will probably charge you extra for them. You need to choose your skates carefully since they can be either your best friend or your worst enemy when on the ice. The above tips will be most helpful when seeking your perfect pair of hockey skates. If you’re new to the game, you may have to experiment a little to find a brand and size that’s just right for you. After you’ve narrowed down your options you will find it possible to locate the perfect skates for a huge performance difference.

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Hockey Skates Buying Guide

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This article was published on 2011/01/09