The Hometown Of Air Hockey Will Held The 2010 Air Hockey Comepetition

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The hometown of Air Hokcey is located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region city of Hulun in Morin Dawa Daur Autonomous Banne. It will held in the local middle school. It aims at cultivate reserve talents and enlarge the effect of Air Hockey in China.

Morning, the first match is group B daur high school team dewar lal ZhongXinJiao team, the high school team to victory 10:0 daur du lal, the whole events will last for two days and a half.

The daur is the only retain and generations and generally develop hockey movement of the daur nationality, hockey as traditional sports, deeply the general masses delight, 1989 March, national sports official put MoLiDa watts flag named "hockey" hometown of. March 1976, China's first team official hockey team in MoQi was born. In 1980, September MoLiDa watts flags are established in the daur girl primarily Chinese first team of women's field hockey team. Cultivate the first national hockey female referees, China's first team of women's field hockey team coach, Asia hockey referee federation's first female directors hessian and China first hockey international class A referee wholesale nhl jerseys.

In 2006, daur nationality traditional hockey listed in the first national nonmaterial cultural heritage list. MoQi establish the 2012 Olympic hockey reserve talents base and hockey base. MoQi existing seven schools and flag amateur sports schools establishing base school, has more than 500 students hockey. And the company sets up men and women's field hockey team; in justafter the 2010 national men hockey champions cup and national young men hockey tournaments representative Inner Mongolia team won championships. For better explore national hockey culture and to develop hockey campaign spirit, in early August worked hosting the 2010, when the first China hockey festival held hockey invitational tournament and hockey cultural exchange activities

In total, there is more than130 students take part in the competition. This competion is held in more than 8 base, including, Al pull ZhongXinJiao, library such as odd ZhongXinJiao, du lal ZhongXinJiao, serteng grams ZhongXinJiao, hadad Yang ZhongXinJiao, national experiment elementary school, middle school, and flag amateur daur schools.. The helder place great hope on it.

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The Hometown Of Air Hockey Will Held The 2010 Air Hockey Comepetition

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This article was published on 2010/11/23